Senior Creative Designer

Marco Antonio Palomo Rodríguez

Senior Creative Designer



PROFILE>    Spanish Senior Creative designer, versatile in the handling of different kind of computer applications. Easily sofware adaptation, responsible with good skills for individual and group work. Along 6 years, I have worked in design teams, collaborating in different projects at regional, national and international level.

               I have also participated in international fairs and shopping. I adapt easily to different industrial rhythms of works, making correctly from technical datasheets, supervision of prototypes, catalogs, presentations, animations, final arts and creativities.


Freelance Designer.

(2015-Currently Exercising)


Senior Textile designer.

(2009-2015) For the company Joma-Sport.  I have developed the design and datasheets for clothing collections, soccer equipment, federations, marathons and olympic Commitees, at regional, national and international level.

I have benn in charge in the design labels, embossed and fine arts, prints, etc… I also design the collectios catalogues, although not directly deal with supplier. I participate in fairs and a lot of international shoppings.


Junior Photographer.

(2008-2009) For the company Foto-Corrales  Along 6 moth I worked as a technician photo retouching and photo-compsitor Wedding reports and video composition technician.

STUDIES (2002-2009)


Diploma in 3d Arts.  (2007-2009). In the School of Visual Art. ARTENEO, Madrid, ESP.

Licensed in Fine Arts.  (2002-2007). In the Faculty of Fine Arts of Cuenca (ESP).Design Specialization.


-Expert in 3d Art. (320 hours).

-Course of Community Manager. (120 hours).

-Expert in HDRI. (160 hours).

-Course of Trainer of Trainers. (60 hours).

-Expert in Teleporter. (90 hours).

-Mobile photography. (12 hours).

-Course in post-producction whith AfterFX.( 95 hours).

-Adv. Course in Photoshop. (60 hours).

-Gimp. A real Alternative to PS. (40 hours).

Course in Indesign. (70 hoours)

-Master in Illustrator. (80 hours)

-Course of Skectchup pro + V-Ray. (20 hours)

-Creation Videogames in Unreal engine. (40 hours)

-Bootcamp of Videogames in Unity 5. (50 hours)